​The Committee's policy is to support publications or projects within the Charity's objects which are unlikely to proceed without the Charity's assistance. Where a publication or project is likely to recover its costs or show a profit, the Charity will normally make an interest-free loan.

Recent Grant Applications

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How To Apply

If financial assistance is provided, it is a standard requirement for this to be properly acknowledged in the publication, and for a copy of the publication to be donated to the Trust. The Trust’s annual income is in the region of £3,000 and as a general rule grants are unlikely to exceed £500. Where a project is expected to make a profit, The Trust may make an interest free loan of up to £1,000 repayable once the costs of the project have been recovered. Applications should be made to:
The Honorary Secretary,
21 School Lane,
YO23 3SQ

Applications by email are an advantage since this makes it easier to circulate the information to members of the Committee. Emails should be addressed to martinpickard@pick73.plus.com.
  • ​An outline of the project explaining how it falls within the Trust’s objects.

  • The format of the publication, eg A4, A5, soft/hardback, number of pages, number of illustrations, print run and how the publication is to be marketed. 

  • A sample of content.

  • A basic business plan setting out expected costs and anticipated income. Copies of printers’ estimates should be included if available. 

  • Details of any other grant applications being made. 

  • The timing of the project and when payment of any grant is likely to be required.
There is no application form. Applicants for grants or loans are invited to apply in writing, at any time, providing  information on as many of the following points as are applicable in their case: (Although most projects supported are publications and the following points reflect this, other projects falling within the objects of the Trust may be assisted).